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Cute dog outdoors in the snow.

Are Sweet Potatoes Bad for Dogs?

Dogs are our beloved best friends and we’d never intentionally feed them something that could be harmful. When it comes to ingredients, you may be wondering whether sweet potatoes are bad or good for your pup. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.  What are the Advantages?  Many people believe sweet potatoes are a natural ingredient […]

Our four-legged best friends are treated as members of the family and that amount of love and care should carry over to their diet. But you may be wondering about which dog foods are really the best and if there are ingredients to be avoided. Soy is a hot topic in pet care circles, and […]

Flaxseed is an ingredient that can be found in just about every bag of dog food on supermarket shelves. It’s marketed as healthy and even essential for your dog when, in reality, this ingredient is detrimental to your canine’s well-being. The sad truth is that most dog food companies aren’t concerned about whether their product […]

Here’s what you need to know about the Vitamin D Scare for your dog: In the midst of the nationwide dog food recall, we thought we’d take a moment to help clarify the situation and offer some helpful resources. The central issue of the recall is that several brands of dog food have been tested […]