Flourish Dog Treats

Berkshire Pork Rough Cut Jerky 1 lb

These Drool-Worthy Treats are not only delicious and full of the goodness your dog needs and craves, but it is also sustainably sourced from meat from a small local family farm just down the road. We use only the best HUMAN-GRADE cuts of meat to give our dogs and yours something you would be proud to eat yourself. No more wondering what exactly is in the treat you are giving your beloved dog or where it came from. 

The ingredient list speaks for itself, quality ingredients and that it. The meat is slow-smoked to develop the rich meaty flavor your dog will crave. Nothing artificial here, no preservatives at all, only wholesome tasty ingredients. Carefully prepared to deliver you the best jerky possible for your dog backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Berkshire pork is famous for its combination of juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. It is coveted by people around the world who pay a premium for it. One taste and you will be able to tell that your dog can taste the difference too!

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