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Love Promotes Prosperity

All dogs have the potential to thrive. Whether yours is a mix, purebred, or a rescue, healthy eating, like playtime and exercise, is vital for a dog’s best life.

Healthier Skin & Shiny Coat

Improved Muscling

Developmental Wellness

High Fertility

Stronger Bones & Joints

Improved Mood & Immunity

Healthy Digestion

Hormonal Disruptors

Many proud dog owners know or have heard of the adverse effects of soy in dog food. However, flaxseed is much worse with three times the amount of estrogen compared to soy. Yet the majority of dog food brands today promote the unsafe ingredient as beneficial to canine wellness.

Flourish dog food kibble in dish with 100% satisfaction guarantee seal.


  • Flaxseed (379,380 MCG)
  • Soy (103,920 MCG)
  • Canola Oil (8,923 MCG)
  • Sweet Potatoes (8,688 MCG)
  • Chickpeas (3,770 MCG)


  • Brown Rice (4.6 MCG)
  • Chicken (4.1 MCG)
  • Potatoes (1.8 MCG)
  • White Rice (1.4 MCG)

High Phytoestrogen Count
per 100 grams

Higher Fertility & Larger Litter Sizes

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