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Started from the simple mission of improving our own dogs health, Flourish has expanded to help thousands of dogs of all shapes and sizes better enjoy meal, treat and play time.

Flourish pet food and treats are free of high phytoestrogen* ingredients commonly found in other dog brands.

*High phytoestrogen diets have been shown to impair in dogs growth, development, digestion,mood, and immune system.


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Transformational Ingredients

The everyday meal plan for dogs has changed for the better! Flourish offers a fresh and honest kibble recipe with limited ingredients, three times the amount of protein, nutrient-rich fats, carbohydrates, and minerals. Plus, a delicious taste and aroma that will satisfy your companion all year long

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    "Flourish Pet has completely transformed my dog's dining experience. The premium quality dog food is not only nutritionally balanced but also irresistibly delicious. The variety of flavors keeps my furry friend excited for mealtime, and the thoughtfully crafted treats are the perfect reward for good behavior. Flourish Pet has truly elevated the standard for canine nutrition, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it's had on my pet's health and happiness."

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    "Flourish Pet has become my go-to destination for all things canine nutrition. The dog foods are carefully formulated, catering to specific dietary needs, and my pup loves the variety of treats available. The transparency in ingredients and the commitment to quality set Flourish Pet apart. My dog's well-being is a top priority, and Flourish Pet consistently delivers excellence in every product."



    "Flourish Pet has exceeded my expectations in providing wholesome and nutritious options for my furry companion. The dog foods are not only packed with essential nutrients but also tailored to meet specific dietary requirements. The treats, on the other hand, have become a favorite during training sessions. Flourish Pet has truly mastered the art of combining health and taste, making it a trusted choice for my beloved pet."

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FLOURISH PETS is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. We will continue to strive to make FLOURISH PETS your first choice for the best products, lightning-fast shipping, and superior customer service.